Software Features

Your Reputation Protection Software is a robust platform that can accommodate one location or up to 10,000 locations. It’s also easy to use and fully responsive for a mobile-friendly experience.


Use SMS/text to send a feedback request to your customers.

Single or Bulk Email

Add individual patient email or upload your bulk list of patients at one time.

Kiosk Tablet Mode

Use your tablet or ipad to capture patient feedback while they are still in your office.

Advanced Tools

API integrations to many 3rd party services, including your existing CRM software.

Customized to Your Brand

Your customers will see your brand! Completely customized to match your business name, colors & logo.

24/7 Review Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring of the main review sites and automatic notifications if your business gets a review so you can respond in a timely and appropriate fashion.

SEO Optimized Testimonials

Testimonials sent to your website automatically include schema data that gives your website a chance to rank organically in search results for the services you provide.


Reputation Protection software platform is HIPAA Compliant and data is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption.

A Dashboard Designed for You

Our dashboard feature makes all of your reputation data easy to filter and understand. No complicated graphs or figures.

Internal Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Tracks your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help you monitor customer satisfaction and sentiment for your business.

Notification of Negative Reviews

You or your staff will receive immediate notification of a negative customer experience so they can reach out to the customer in hopes of correcting the issue.

Negative Review Mitigation

Gates negative feedback & provides opportunity for your office to potentially resolve issues prior to a negative review.

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